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Peterson 320A/321A LumenX LED Turn/Marker/Agricultural Flashing Warning Light

Product Group Code: PET-320A321A-LumenX-LED-TurnMarkerAgricultural-Flashing-Warning-Light

Provides a minimum if 4 CP illumination at 90° to lens face every direction, regardless of installation orientation. Meets agricultural standard ASABE S279.17. Also meets FMVSS 108 standards for FRONT and REAR turn signal, parking lamp, clearance, and side marker. Fits standard oval mounting grommet. Includes both high intensity ag warning/turn, and low intensity park/marker light circuits. Three advanced white diodes behind precision-designed fresnel lens. PL3 or AMP compatible connector integrated into housing. 9-16 volt operating range w/voltage regulation and over-voltage protection. Meets all applicable requirements in horizontal, vertical or any 360° position.

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PET-M320A Amber, AMP compatible receptacle
PET-M321A Amber, PL3 receptacle
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