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SHO-ME Arrow Boards

Product Group Code: SHO-ME-Arrow-Boards

Ten 4'' Diameter Amber Lamps Areavailable In Two Styles: (1) Regular Incandescent Lamps And (2)Weather-Sealed, Shock-Mounted Incandescent Lamps. 60 Single Fpm In Four Operationalmodes: Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Double Arrow And Center Bar. Control Box Has Two "Center Off"Rocker Switches, Flash Pattern Indicator Lights, A 20-Footpre-Wired Harness, And A Bail Bracket For Cab Mounting. Heavy-Gauge, Epoxy-Coated Aluminumconstructiondurable Abs Plastic Dust Coverprotects Wiring From Weather And Dust. Standard Plug-In Connectors Alloweasy Removal And Reattachment. Mounting Brackets Soldseparately. Comes With 10 Regular Orshock-Mounted Incandescent Lamps, Control Box With A 20-Footpre-Wired Heavy-Duty Harness, Plug-In Connectors And Plastic Dustcover.

Image Item No. Description Qty. Price
SHO-02-6000 Standard Incandescent Arrow Board
SHO-02-6100 Standard Incandescent - Shock Mt
SHO-02-6200 2-Piece Incandescent Arrow Board
SHO-02-6300 Short Incandescent Arrow Board
SHO-02-7000 Large Incandescent Arrow Board
SHO-02-6052 Standard Ultra-Bright LED Arrow Bd
SHO-02-6116 Standard LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-6216 2-Piece LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-6252 2-Piece Ultra-Bright LED Arrow Bd
SHO-02-6316 Short LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-6352 Short Ultra-Bright LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-7016 Large LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-7052 Large Ultra-Bright LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-6134 Standard Mega-Bright LED Arrow Bd
SHO-02-6234 2-Piece Mega-Bright LED
SHO-02-6334 Short Mega-Bright LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-7034 Large Mega-Bright LED Arrow Board
SHO-02-6016 2 Magnetic Brackets for Stnd & Short
SHO-02-6017 2 Brackets for Standard & Short
SHO-02-6018 2 Tailgate Brackets
SHO-02-6052WP Standard Ultra LED - Waterproof
SHO-02-6116WP Standard LED Arrow Board - Wtpf
SHO-02-6134WP Standard Mega LED - Waterproof
SHO-02-6152 Shock-Mount Lamp Assembly
SHO-02-6216WP 2-Piece LED Arrow Board - Wtpf
SHO-02-6234WP 2-Piece Mega-Bright LED - Wtpf
SHO-02-6252WP 2-Piece Ultra-Bright LED - Wtpf
SHO-02-6316WP Short LED Arrow Board - Waterproof
SHO-02-6334WP Short Mega-Bright LED - Waterproof
SHO-02-6352WP Short Ultra-Bright LED - Waterproof
SHO-02-7066 Controller for Large Arrow Boards
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